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Engineering > Electrical Eng & Computer Science > Foundations of American Cyber-Culture
 Foundations of American Cyber-Culture  posted by  member150_php   on 3/13/2009  Add Courseware to favorites Add To Favorites  
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Art 23AC Foundations of American Cyber-Culture

12:00-1:00 PM | 155 Kroeber
Instructor Greg Niemeyer

Lecture Archive

Mon 8/27 Introduction  
Wed 8/29 A History of the Invention of Computers
    Mon 9/3 Labor Day
Wed 9/5 Introduction to the Human
Mon 9/10 Screening the Machine
Wed 9/12 Introduction to the Politics of New Media (clips played during lecture have been removed)
Mon 9/17 Origin and Potential of the World Wide Web
Wed 9/19 Networks and Protocols of the World Wide Web
Mon 9/24 Perception, Image and Stereotype (clips played during lecture have been removed)
    Wed 9/26 Review Turing Test Statistics - Networks and the "Digital We" (podcast not available)
Mon 10/1 The Internet in American Life - the Demographics
Wed 10/3 Purity, Mixing, Passing - Is There Race On-line?
Mon 10/8 Disability, Dis(embodiment), and Cyber-culture
Wed 10/10 Gender, Sexuality, and Performativity Online
Mon 10/15 Be Responsive - Network Feedback Loops
Wed 10/17 Cybersociality - Creating Family and Reproducing Online (clips played during lecture have been removed)
Mon 10/22 Open Source
Wed 10/24 Political Organizing Online
Mon 10/29 Online Dating - Who Does It, and Who Do They Pick?
    Wed 10/31 Art 23AC - Lecture 20 - No Podcast
Mon 11/5 The Role of Digital Media in Violence and War
Wed 11/7 Security, Cryptology, Electronic Commerce, and Electronic Voting; Guest - Prof. Matt Franklin, UC Davis
    Mon 11/12 Veterans Day
Wed 11/14 Commerce
Mon 11/19 Privacy
Wed 11/21 Knowledge and Belief Online - Religion and Education Go Digital (clips played during lecture have been removed)
Mon 11/26 The Perfect Circle
Wed 11/28 Shopping and Consuming Online
Mon 12/3 Laboring with the New Media - Freedom or Oppression? (clips played during lecture have been removed)
Wed 12/5 Transcendence, Creativity, and Social Change
Mon 12/10 Re-conceptualizing Digital Divides (clips played during class have been removed)   Tell A Friend