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Molecular Spectra and Molecular Structure by member7_php   on 2/15/2009
Atmospheric and Oceanic Modeling by duggu   on 2/2/2008
Biological Chemistry II by duggu   on 2/2/2008
Tropical Meteorology by duggu   on 1/31/2008
Introduction to Observational Physical Oceanograph by duggu   on 1/31/2008
Marine Chemistry Seminar by duggu   on 1/31/2008
Science and Communication by duggu   on 1/31/2008
Geodynamics Seminar(2006) by duggu   on 1/31/2008
Geodynamics Seminar(2005) by duggu   on 1/31/2008
Geodynamics Seminar(2001) by duggu   on 1/31/2008
Atmospheric Radiation by duggu   on 1/31/2008
General Circulation of the Earth's Atmosphere by duggu   on 1/31/2008
Large-scale Flow Dynamics Lab by duggu   on 1/31/2008
Wave Motions in the Ocean and Atmosphere by duggu   on 1/31/2008
Fluid Dynamics of the Atmosphere and Ocean by duggu   on 1/30/2008
Marine Organic Geochemistry by duggu   on 1/29/2008
Paleoceanography by duggu   on 1/29/2008
Classical Mechanics: A Computational Approach by duggu   on 1/29/2008
Phase Transitions in the Earth's Interior by duggu   on 1/29/2008
Seminar in Geophysics: Thermal and Chemical Evolut by duggu   on 1/29/2008
Structure and Dynamics of the CMB Region by duggu   on 1/29/2008
Seminar in Geophysics: Mantle Convection by duggu   on 1/29/2008
Principles of the Global Positioning System by duggu   on 1/29/2008
Introduction to Seismology by duggu   on 1/23/2008
Geodynamics by duggu   on 1/23/2008
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