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 Musical Applications of CNMAT Technologies  posted by  member7_php   on 3/22/2009  Add Courseware to favorites Add To Favorites  
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Musical Applications of CNMAT Technologies

04:00-7:00 PM | 127 Dwinelle
Instructor Michael Zbyszynski

Music 214 - Spring 2007. This year's "Introduction to CNMAT Technologies" will cover practical issues of long-running, and possibly interactive, sound installations with computer generated sound, including: ? Using OSC as inter-application and inter-device plumbing. This includes Max/MSP/Jitter, Flash, Processing, SuperCollider, and Matlab on the application side, and the Make Controller Kit, the CUI board, Windows and Macintosh Multimedia computers on the device side (possibly also DMX and lighting). ? Programming and Hardware solutions for reliability: ? prevent crashes as much as possible ? recover after crashes ? log events (why did it crash?) ? enable remote updates and debugging ? These solutions will be discussed in the context of existing works: Livingston and Zbyszynski's "LISTEN EDGEMAR" (moving into its fourth year of 99.9% time operation!) and Campion's "Metronome." ? Using multispeaker diffusion and spatialization to sculpt the perception of space ? Phenominological issues of site specific, long running works, as opposed to concert pieces.

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